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Mixfm is a unique multi-language radio station in Kurdistan, playing music in Kurdish, Arabic, English, Persian, Turkish, and other languages to bring the joy of music to our listeners. We created MixFM because we know how powerful music can be to bring people together, and that is why we play a wide range of music from all languages, to give everyone something they will enjoy. While traditional radio targets a certain type of listener, we want to bring music that everyone will enjoy, to let the entire community feel the happiness that great music brings, and to feel it together. Every age, every person. We see music as a way to bring joy and confidence to our listeners, to remind us all that although we may speak different languages, music shows that we are not as different as some would like to think.

To educate, inform and entertain our listeners, bringing communities together through the power of music.
To be the number one independent radio station in Kurdistan, and to create an inclusive community that fully embraces diversity and enjoyment in music, wherever it comes from.

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SONG - Amed

SONG - Moonline

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Address:Iraq - KRG - Slemani (Rand Gallery, 4th floor, flat 10)

+964 (0)773 253 1414